About me

Who am I?

I'm Flaw (or "Flav" for my fellow french speakers)), I'm a 20yo french studying for a Bachelor's degree in IT / CS.


  • I used to be a handball referee at Molsheim, it gave me the opportunity to be on the playground and earn a little bit of money.
  • I practice 10M shoot. I'd say I'm not bad at it. You can see my stats here
  • I really love listening to music, and also playing or making some. I could spend hours talking about music, talking about writing, poesy, or just listening to my favorites artists.

  • Programming

    I fell in love with programming when I was 12. My Godfather was (and still is) a software engineer, especially working with the KNX protocol at this time. One day while I was at his home, he was in his office working, I saw what he was doing and I was impressed (it was Java!), then I thought that it looked kinda cool and wanted to do the same. Since then, I never changed my mind, and here I am, studying CS in Saint-Dié-des-Vosges Technological Institute.

  • 2016 - I started to learn coding, with Skript. (Skript is a very basic and simple language made by the Minecraft Community to allow people to code things in the game without any Java knowledge. It's not much appreciated in the community, but I didn't care at the time) Through this language, I learned variables, lists, functions, conditions and much more about what programming looks like and how it works.
  • 2017 - I discovered Discord, and not much time after that, I started to make my own bots with NodeJS, learning with tutorials.
  • 2018/2019 - I discovered and started to use Python, both for school and personal interest.
  • 2019/Now - I practice a lot with Express.JS, also improving my skills in SQL and Back-End. I also have some opportunities to get better at CSS (I'm not good but I can make something look not awful). I'm participating in some projects, and working on my owns. You can find some of them in my Projects section.

  • Skills


    I've been practicing Front-end development for almost four years now, trying to make things look simple and smooth (Among other things). I really enjoy making website, both the fronted and backend.


    I really like the Back-end, I found it very interesting, because it's something people usually don't see, but is the most important part in most of the apps. Apart from that poor description, I'm very familiar with Express.js, SQL, I did some PHP too.


    Apart from development, I also enjoy other things, such as practicing my typing skills (Which I kind of stopped for a few months, but I'll get back to it very soon (I'm also very interested in stenography :) )), playing with my dogs or just chilling with my friends. I've also recently acquired a 2023 Kia Pro'ceed, which I enjoy driving from time to time.

    French: 100%

    English: 90%

    JavaScript: 75%

    HTML & CSS: 70%

    Python: 60%

    SQL: 60%

    Java: 50%

    My config

    Hey, here are listed most of all the devices I have in my setup.

    The following items are OS / softwares I spend most of my time on.


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