Projects & Portfolio


My first project's called SafeLogins. It is an online tool that allows you to save passwords and logins using your Discord account. I had to realize it as a end-year school project. It's still hosted for now, even tho nobody uses it, so people can have a look. It is no longer updated since June 2020.

The same website you're currently browsing. I did it all by myself, found some inspiration on the internet and that's itx)
Tho it is not very fresh (it's been almost the same, apart from the content, since may 2021), I'm trying to keep this website up to date, and have ideas on how I could improve it. It'll become a reality someday, but for now I focus on my studies.

Guerre de Runeterra

This is a french RolePlay Discord server based on the game called League of Legends. I made a website to simplify players movements, economy and map management. Source code might be available someday, as I'll probably make a whole new version for the next time!

This is a project that I was working on. It's purpose was to give a way to LoL players to rate their mates, and to know what rating they have so they can knows a bit about what the other players think about their mates. I decided to leave this project on the side, to focus on other ones, but I'll surely get back to it someday.


This is a project that have been working on this year. This website is a tool I use to allow selected users to access to given githubs that I own, even if the visibility of the repo is private. It allows me to manage who can read them and who can't, without having to use Github Accounts (I use default auth, and Discord's OAUTH2), and with more control (It only serves for sharing the content, not collaborating).


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